adventures in the far east — of canada!

My first day at Target!!

In accent, internship, st. john's on June 15, 2009 at 12:08 pm


Almost lunch time. It was a really busy day yesterday, so I didn’t have time to finish up the entry about the various sightseeing things my brother and I have seen. He leaves early tomorrow morning.

The sun is out! It’s especially pretty now.

Um….what else quickly? More accents. And people here are indeed really friendly. More on that later.

As mentioned, some people talk almost Irish-y, so yes, I can see what Karen told me. I say almost Irish-y, because it’s not very heavy, but very subtle, where an Irish accent is much harder (to me) to understand. I just stare and try to listen to people intently whenever these folks talk; I hope I don’t come off as creepy, haha.

Generally, I’ve noticed some of their vowel sounds are longer. Like….”but” is “bot,” “what” is “whot”, but it’s all very slight. The above would sound daft if it were really pronounced. Instead, it sounds optimistic and cheery, kinda sing-songy, up and down, but not really. Again, not that exaggerated, but there’s a small flavour of that…


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