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The weather is gross

In internship, st. john's on June 25, 2009 at 11:59 pm

…I’ve had plenty of opportunity to take pics of the agency, but I refuse to while it’s still gloomy. The place is quite nice when it’s all sunlit.

Anyway, the weather lately–it’s kinda terrible, I’m not used to this. It’s quite warm at around 20, but it’s raining, and the humidity makes everything sticky. I’m always wondering whether I should wear a coat–it’s raining after all–but it’s too warm for one, and after a few minutes, it’s not just the air that’s sticky…

Granted, I’ve been in Vancouver a lot, and it’s quite common there, too. I guess the difference is, in St. John’s, I’m pretty much walking everywhere. Oh, and those hills again, they work up a sweat easy.

Was at the gym today, and after rowing, I tried to run. But my calf kept twitching ominously, and in mid-stride, it snagged a little, and I immediately stopped. Thankfully, it did not seize up all the way; has that ever happened to you before? It’s a nasty thing…I did it once swimming, I was tired, but I was doing my laps anyway, and after a roll and kick off from the wall, my right calf seized up. Cue thrashing, and much pain you can do little about, as the muscle feels clenched as hard as a fist, completely out of your control (that’s the strangest thing) and unable to loosen up. I limped out, was directed to stretch it out (eventually the out-of-body feeling of the vise grip loosens), but afterwards, still had to limp around for a week or two.

I realized what it was. Every day, walking to and from work with such inclines, you can start to feel the lactic acid at the end of it. It hasn’t gotten proper time to recover, and so when I tried to run… Rowing, I determined, is much safer right now…

At work, I’ve suddenly got a lot more things to do! It’s all terribly exciting, and I now have the opportunity to wrack my brains for different things whenever I encounter a block for one project. I will be getting my first bi-weekly pay cheque tomorrow!

Other than that, I’m terribly excited that a friend is coming to visit me in August. Possibly TWO, even! 😀 Can’t wait!

  1. The humidity is good for your skin. Trust me, your face will feel like a shoe when you go back to cowtown and you will miss the “sticky” air.

    Maybe you should look into biking for transportation. Or is that too dangerous given the roads and the traffic?

  2. That’s great news that you might have a second visitor coming for a visitor 🙂 Anyone I know?

    As for the weather, I guess you just have to grow used to it, keep hydrated and all that, and not worry too much about needing a jacket in rain. I’d suggest having a spare shirt/pants/whatever in your bag if you need them, in case you do get wet, but otherwise it’s just water.

  3. True enough, I just hate the feeling of clothes plastered to my back and breathing air that feels like SOUP! D:

    And my 2nd visitor is the above comment, Carol. If she backs out…

  4. I’ve had that crazy calf seize up happen to me too when I was younger… it was usually happen in the middle of the night for me… if I ended up randomly kicking or jerking my left leg for some reason, this horrible seizing pain would shoot through my calf… I too would be limping and out of commission for a few days because of it. Ever since I started walking to school every day in Edmonton, and ever since I started running, it hasn’t happened since *knocks on wood*

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