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Drama you don’t see everyday…

In st. john's on June 28, 2009 at 2:32 am

Long story short: tonight, the other rent-ee at the house was taken away by a policewoman, along with her girlfriend (I did not assume such a relationship), her father, and his girlfriend for not only violating the terms of the rent-ee’s probation, but also for using illicit drugs.

Huh. That certainly doesn’t happen every day, eh?

To get into partial details, the rent-ee being on probation was only discovered like…a little less than a week ago. She was supervised by an electronic thing (bracelet? Anklet?) that made sure she was home at certain hours (allowing for things like school, of course), otherwise social workers would come calling. That actually explained something I’d noticed–using the phone here, every so often, you hear this weird sound, and then clicks as if someone was listening–it was the device transmitting through the phone, which it does regularly.

Anywho, before anyone gets any whacked ideas–no, rent-ee’s offence was nothing serious at all, but it’s a case that is either you did it or you didn’t–the low severity is not important.

Prior to this event, Karen was already getting frustrated at rent-ee’s “friend” always being present (for my visitors–NOT a problem at all, she assures me, unless you act like the following:) giving her attitude, being very loud, noisy, and messy with the kitchen, and on top of all this sleeping over even when she laid down a 10 pm limit (as such long visits violate rent-ee’s probationary restrictions). It came to a head a few days back when Karen scolded them, and the friend stayed away for a couple of days…

And then she came back, via the window downstairs “covertly”–it was discovered once, because as ever, she was being noisy.

Tonight, 3 people snuck in, and practically had a quiet little party downstairs. The phone kept ringing, and Karen, picking it up when it was actually already answered, accidentally heard mention of drugs.

That, as they say, was the last straw.

Us three (Karen, Tracy, and I) talked about it quietly–it was hard to believe, as Sam was always quiet, polite, and unassuming–but such nerve! On probation, has expressed fear of going to jail, and yet still had the audacity to “secretly” host her “friend”, father, and his girlfriend in her room through the back to do drugs. What are you thinking?

So they would not suspect anything and so as not to freak out the street, Karen requested an unmarked police car, so we sat around finishing up dinner, watching TV, and chatting a little amongst ourselves as we waited, as law enforcement needed one of these vehicles to return before they could come visit.

A policelady came, she saw, and she tested them–positively for various drugs. Probationary infringement and crime all in one! They were taken away, the friend gave haughty attitude, and the father was a mix of anger and disbelief. Later, Karen went through the room and found plenty of empty beer bottles, and a drawer containing some drug materials and remnants.

Karen was relieved–it just so happened Sam only paid for 2 weeks in the house so far, and as I’ve said, Karen’s been irritated for a bit now with the situation. But no one assumed it was this serious.

Our biggest concern is that the father may return and vandalize the car or something. He is deathly afraid of Taz, the dog, however (from an encounter we had earlier, when I just couldn’t calm Taz down at all, and she kept howling and snapping at him–strange behaviour, given that she got used to me pretty much as soon as I stepped in that first day); he implored me to take Taz away before she took him down. When I retrieved his daughter for him, I found he had let himself out, away from the dog. This, despite when he was led away by the police, he declared if the dog was by the front, he’d kill it (his girlfriend smartly shushed him–let’s not add uttering threats to their list of problems, eh?). Bold words, but I had the special knowledge that he was scared of the dog.

Anyway, the house is quiet again, and there is no more tension in the air. Let’s hope it stays that way!

  1. That’s quite the story…. I’m glad to hear that you’re OK though! (What else can you say to that???)

  2. That’s quite scared…Take good care of yourself!!

  3. Wow… I hope that the next renter, if there is one while you’re there, is much better behaved. And glad you weren’t caught up in anything!

  4. Sounds like St. John’s is a little more exciting than you planned for! Crazy stuff. Hopefully the rest of your time there is a little less lively.

    • Well, I do want my time here to be exciting–just not exciting in that sorta way!

      Really hope it’s the last we see of them, though.

      • Well, I meant that kind of excitement/liveliness, haha.

        Interesting that the dog didn’t like the dad even before this happened. Maybe what they say about animals having a sixth sense does have a grain of truth to it.

  5. Classy.

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