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Last night solved some minor mysteries

In st. john's on June 28, 2009 at 1:31 pm

(Note: please read the previous post for context.)

Now that Karen’s cleared out the room, some minor mysteries have been solved that no one really thought much of (and in my case, certainly wouldn’t garner a mention here):

Where was the tomato knife?
Missing for 10 days (Karen’s estimate), she found they’d kept it in the room to cut hash.

What drugs were present?
Hash for certain (and a makeshift bong), ecstasy, and probably…

Why was Adrian always kinda snuffling or snorting absently?

Why was Adrian’s finger cut a few days back?
I asked her about it; she said it they broke a mug. I didn’t go any further, but Karen was none too pleased to find two of her Guinness mugs smashed to bits downstairs.

Why was there a picture hung so low in the room?
Putting it aside, Karen found a kicked-in hole (destructive, weren’t they)!

Why were the girls always screaming at each other (or so it sounded) downstairs?
A note left by Adrian to Sam was found, a snippy break up and contention over groceries. They were on, and off, and on, and off…

Why was there a pile of cigarette butts outside the window downstairs?
Only significant because Sam always came to the main floor to smoke out the steps leading down to the yard. Well, it was whenever Adrian had snuck in, and trying to remain undetected, took her own smoking breaks outside the window…never bothering to clear out the pile of evidence.

Will I get another roommate?
I have no idea. I actually hope so–I know Karen’s a little tight on money, but right now she’s a little too frustrated. I advised someone like me–as in, since she usually rents to students, recent grads or immigrants, or people new to St. John’s, she should stick to that. Lacking any existing connections to local happenings or groups good or bad, we’re far less likely to be trouble; Sam was native to the city.

What happens now?
Sam’s pile of belongings and food are piled by the front door. We await her, or someone for her to pick it all up. Awkward! a social worker to come pick it all up.

  1. nice. glad to see that st john’s is keeping you on your toes!

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