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Walked into another spanworm today

In calgary, st. john's on July 15, 2009 at 12:14 am

Seriously, this has got to stop!

Strolling along, minding my own damn business, and then I look down at my chest…and a spanworm’s struggling to work its way up to my face. Long as my middle finger, humped curl on one end, a little skinnier than my pinky, a dull brown. Ick.

I flicked it off.

Alternatively…you’re walking along, and you’ve long since grown accustomed to looking up to spot dangling spanworms as you approach branches overhanging sidewalks. It’s all clear. You have nothing to worry about, and stroll on by. And then you feel this bit of stuff fall on your head (well, at least I can with so little hair). Gritty, only a fleck, really–“What’s with these specks of black ash that keeps falling onto me in this city?” I was told a coworker once asked early on.

Spanworm poo.

Sure Calgary has its own tree problems–as I mentioned, the pine beetle–but at least those pests have the decency to never bother anyone. Decimate the trees, yes, but I can feel secure that walking or running down the street, one of the beetles or its larva is not going to end up in my face. At this rate, I’m going to develop a serious phobia of walking under trees!

Well…okay, maybe it’s not that bad. They’re slow moving and large, compared to small spiders that dart about and are…small. I seem to have a problem with small things. I’m okay with huge, lumbering tarantulas, but a small, dangly spider? I’ll kill it dead, but that doesn’t mean I enjoy getting close to it!

I really showed that one spider in my bed weeks ago. I smashed it to smithereens. Let that be an example to any others that have similar ideas. If only he could tell his buddies…

Anyway, back to the worms. I’m told they’ll soon be moths. Joy, at least those don’t dangle from trees and squirm on you. But mark my words, any chance I get, I’m going to pulverize any of those silvery white moths that cross my path. Out of vengeance, of course.

You’ve annoyed the wrong guy, worms…

In other terribly exciting news…the weather here has got to stop being so nice. I am constantly fooled into dressing slightly warmly in the brisk mornings, and then being punished for it by the afternoons when I promptly sweat out all the water in my body. What’s the deal, b’y? Please stay cool.

The weather is also terribly uninspired; for the next four days (Wed-Sat), the high/low forecast is: 23/13, 23/13, 23/13, 23……/12!!! It’s cause enough for celebration. To George Street!

Actually, the exciting news is that my passport stuff has been figured out, and will arrive well before our sojourn to France! And I may try my luck and ask for one more day off (beyond the 2 the company owes me) to encompass another day when my friend’s here. Or if there’s another holiday coming up, I’ll just try to work then and save another to apply.

Fun times, fun times.

  1. Your other entry apparently ate both of my comments. I’ll sum them up, as well as respond to this post with: EW.

    Also, being picked up with someone that isn’t you is totally fine, so long as they’re clearly identified so I know who to smile at and all that jazz. Also, look for an email about France. It hasn’t really been going so well with the info gathering.

  2. Heya, sorry about that, the comment’s through now–it was auto-filtered as a spam comment for whatever reason, and I had to manually approve it! Responded to that one there.

    No worries about the France thing! Thanks so much for the info so far. I feel rather useless and irresponsible, so I’ll try and investigate some of it myself this weekend!

  3. Ewww. I googled spanworm.


    I think the worst part is that you can feel poo landing on your head.

  4. Spanworm…..It’s astonishing!!

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