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I have lost the Wii-mbledon

In internship, st. john's on July 31, 2009 at 11:41 am

That is all.

Wait–no, I can say more than that…

It was against (currently) the only other art director in Creative (we’ll be getting another Monday); we smack talked each other. At this point–the quarter finals–the players are actually good. In my defense, haha.

Dax blitzed me with power serves I could only return a few of, and when I blitzed him back with power serves, he could typically return them competently. If we rallied, he’d eventually send it to unreachable corners or sides. So, it was a good, skilled loss. 🙂

It’s unfortunate I couldn’t get the extra day off, but now there will be an epic semi-final matchup between Dax and the other best player, Chris. See at this point, only the young people are left, guys and girls.

Our department has done very well overall in the Wii-mbledon. In the quarter finals, of 8 pairs, half of them–2–were from our department of 9. Everyone else is their own department, a big mix.

Creative naturally seems to excel at games whether the people had experience or not, and despite the huge majority of ladies here, the guys have done exceptionally.

This week has been just full of laughter! I’m downstairs, and everyday you can hear people hooting and cheering as they played or practiced the game, with typically a small crowd watching. It’s so great people are having so much fun…

So much fun, in fact, that the Social Committee is already talking about a possible, upcoming Wii Bowling Tournament! 😀

  1. Aww, that’s too bad. Still, grat to hear you had lots of fun.

    Is it a civic holiday for you on Monday? Any way to work that and move it to August, or do you already have plans to hang out and meet more of the city? 😉

  2. Nope, we don’t get the holiday, so no plans at all.

    The company just converged at 2 pm at the cafeteria to witness the epic semi-finals and the finals in best-of-5 games (previous stages were best of 3). There was junk food for everyone (had to pig out a little….it’s been so long haha) and pop, and there were oohs, aahs, sympathetic NO!s, much clapping, and tense silences during long stretches of back and forth.

    Dax, my defeater, emerged as the champion! It was creative vs. creative in the final, and it pitted Englishman against Englishwoman lol.

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