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Introducing a new category of posts: “me”! Yeah, it’ll be about me, a little more personally, rather than just my musings and observations of events and life here in St. John’s.

Firstly, weekend wrap-up: yes indeed, it was a good one! George Street Festival on Friday with the lovely Germans, which amounted to much chatter to catch up, some drinks, and some dancing. This took place in a few bars and pubs, because during these big events on George Street, it’s sectioned off, and to enter, you pay $15–but this is cover for all the bars on the entire street! On a normal night, there may or may not be cover at pubs, depending if they have performers or events, and it usually ranges from $5 to $10 and above. Of course, that’s just only one establishment…if you wanted to check out the entertainment elsewhere, you might have to pay another cover. So, the George Street Festival and any other similar big events are a great deal.

Before Jeanne and I met up with them, we had dinner at Zapatas. It was Mexican cuisine, and it was rather bloody tasty. We were going to have the supper with Maria, one of the Germans, but in the medical field being on call is pretty rough and demanding, so she just couldn’t get off in time, even though she planned to.

Anyway, it’s another restaurant that gives free stuff! Free homemade (or at least it seemed like it) tortilla chips, extra thin, very ungreasy, and definitely homemade salsa that the waitress gladly refilled for free. Good stuff.

You know, it’s the first time I’ve actually eaten at a fully-fledged, self-identified Mexican restaurant. You know, everywhere has like tacos, nachos, fajitas, enchiladas, and such, but here was a restaurant whose menu gave some history on the revolutionary hero Zapatas, whose interior was decked out with lovely Mexican art and wall paintings, and the background music added to the ambience.

I had their beef chili–super amazing, sweet, spicy, cumin-y and thick, but you know, it actually proved something else for me–how good The Sprout’s vegan chili was. Minus the meat, that chili was very similar, so I appreciated that day at The Sprout even more!

I had a thick enchilada with a twist, as it had a bunch of Newfoundland seafood like shrimp, and it comes with a dollop of more chili, some rice, veggies, and beans/lentils on the side. Topped with sour cream and a generous heap of homemade guacamole, it was pretty heavenly. It was hot, I sweated as much as I ate, but we had a great meal. I helped Jeanne finish hers, because she wasn’t going to package it, and take it around with her to George Street.

In short, I’d go again.

Anyway, afterward we met up with the Germans, and they filled us in on their Gros Morne trip (jealous!), and their capelin encounter (jealous!), which Jeanne also had. I was so determined to see the capelin roll in when I learned about it maybe last month, and I may have missed my chance this year. 😦 Some of my co-workers saw it too, and gushed the awesome experience to myself and another coworker friend (“WHY DIDN’T YOU CALL US?” we demanded), just as Jeanne and the Germans did.

Basically, every year near the end of July or in early August, small capelin fish (sound familiar? Their roe is the mini orange fish eggs you can typically find in Japanese sushis) come to spawn in the thousands on the shores of Newfoundland. As far as I know, you can only see it here. They roll in for a few days in hours, and people await sometimes with barbeques or fires by the shore and bring nets or buckets; just dipping it in the water will net you hundreds. Maria told me they caught like 240, and have over 100 left after some major fish eatin’, and I’d be welcome to it if I like. It is a generous offer, but I’m more interested in the experience.

These capelin are destined to spawn and then most of them die, washed up on shore to dry or snapped up by birds. So no, it makes no difference if people catch them, and indeed it is an annual event for many. They are eaten cooked whole, dried, dried and salted, or smoked, and are usually available in grocery stores here (but this is free!).

Anyway, one of my friends at work gushed her amazement: how the water in buckets used to catch them seemed to boil, because they were so full of darting fish, how going knee-deep in water was so ticklish with the silver swarm of capelin thronging you, and Maria told me how she caught 10 just by sticking her hands in the water and bringing them up! Oh man, I can’t believe I missed this!! The season may be over now…

On Saturday, myself and that other coworker friend tried to go see them at around 2 pm…we could see three little masses of them in the distance (“boiling” water, and birds were diving down to eat them), but they didn’t come ashore. She brought a friend and the friend’s mother, and they got impatient, so we left. 😦 I needed the ride back, but I betcha they did eventually come in (I read more about it–best time to see it is generally during high tide, which was like past 5. I woulda gladly waited).

The Germans have been rushing to do and see as much as possible here, because they leave Friday! They’re pretty heartbroken, having had so much fun and met such friends, and I’m just as sad to see them go. I will be joining them for a farewell dinner Thursday.

Meanwhile, I’m on a similar mindset, because I don’t know what the future holds for me (but dammit, I missed the capelin!). Will Target keep me? All my plans kinda hinge on that–if they’d like, I’d stay, if not…well, time to uproot and return. Whatever the case, I’d like to know sooner rather than later…and either this week or next, I’m supposed to meet with the creative director and at least one of the art directors or writers to discuss my future. Yikes!!

Saturday was a house party at Jeanne’s and her roommate’s. Met some nice people, the coolest being a guy insistent that he could show us some of the things a little ways outside the city such as Salmonier, because we had no car and Jeanne’s due to leave in August… Argh, I’m going to have to deal with another round of people leaving soon!

Sunday, a plan to go sea kayaking with the Germans sadly fell through for me, much to our mutual disappointment. We’re running out of time!

Okay okay, back to the “me” part, the deep dark secret stuff you’re privy to only if you’ve read this far (good for you!), or just skipped ahead (tsk). Actually, I was editing one of my former instructor’s work, and went to something she highlighted,

Taking it, I recalled I’d taken it before in the past, and that it was eerily accurate for whatever reason. I wondered whether results changed…you know, as you progress in life, maybe it picks up different things, reads into current situations?

Well…let’s just say I was a little spooked by the results. All very true…and all from me choosing the colours I liked the most right now two different times?! Thought I’d share…and provide commentary. Because I feel some things, read alone, might make me seem not so great, and I don’t want anyone to be concerned, and you kinda need to live my life to understand stuff, haha. Nah, no deep dark secrets (that was just a hook), but it is more personal, if in an abstract way–because gosh knows, I don’t write about absolutely everything I do or go through here, and no one should assume so! There’s blogging, and then there’s diary material, and while I don’t keep a diary, I never think it’s cool for anyone to record such material in such a public format.

But enough blabber. My results:

My Existing Situation
Desires to be respected by others in order to gain their trust and support for his own personal gain.

Well okay, yeah. Since day one at work, I’ve consciously worked very hard at proving myself and my skills to both earn respect and trust (to get more advanced work and duties), in the hope that I can continue. So yes, it’s “personal gain,” but the wording sounds incredibly selfish when all I’m guilty of is desired career advancement.

My Stress Sources
Feels empty and isolated from others and wishes to overcome this feeling. Believes life has more to offer him than what he has experienced thus far, and doesn’t want to miss out on anything. He purses all his goals and dreams, fearful that any missed opportunity will cause him to miss out on even more. Quickly becomes an expert in any field he pursues and can sometimes come off as overbearing and nosy.

This is really evident–couldn’t you tell from my angst at missing the capelin?! lol…kidding aside, most people know I value time highly, and that I don’t know where I’ll be when my 3 months are over…I want to see and do as much here as I can if I may have to leave!! I’m all about efficiency…totally, that’s how I think–if I miss out on x, maybe I’ll have missed out on y, who knows? Everything’s a chain of events.

And yeah, I’m young yet, I totally believe life has more to offer than what I’ve done and seen thus far (at least I hope so), I haven’t been around for long. As to being overbearing and nosy, I really try not to.

My Restrained Characteristics
Current events leave him feeling forced into compromise in order to avoid being cut off from affection or future cooperation.

Indeed. Hard to explain. I plan for the future, and don’t prefer cutting anything off–what if I realized later it was useful, worthwhile, or important after all? As I said, chain of events. Generally, I don’t like being boxed in, I like my options and doors open, and this pertains to both how I relate to people and opportunities.

Emotionally demanding and will involve himself in close relationships but won’t get too involved or give too much of himself.

Agreed. I demand emotionally because I feel I give a lot…to make others happy, make sure they’re okay, etc. I often feel I put more into others than into myself. So please, I demand you don’t be angry or depressed around me; not that I’d be very irritated, but because you’d drain me in my efforts to make it more bearable for you somehow. As to the last, I’m terribly empathic. If I latch onto someone, I’ll essentially share every pain, disappointment, and worry. I need to keep a little distance until I’m sure of a few things.

Is feeling emotionally drained from stressful and tense situations. He is in need of peace and quiet in order to overcome his lack of energy and may become irritable if he does not recover.

It’s another work thing. Not stressed per se…but I’ll tell you my efforts are having an effect. I have more work and responsibility than ever haha, but if anything can be gleaned from my work posts, I’m having a blast. My peace and quiet time is weekdays, there aren’t many events as they’re bad times for everyone. Haven’t become irritable yet.

Feels he is not receiving his fair share and is unable to rely on anyone for support or sympathy. He keeps his emotions bottled up, leaving him quick to take offense to small things. He tries to make the best of his situation.

All true. I just said I sometimes feel on an uneven place in terms of emotional support, didn’t I? I’m always Mr. Sympathy, and I’m fine and happy to be that–but sometimes I have to wonder, where’s my support? I do take offense in little things, because I am personally very mindful of my words and actions; people who aren’t are reckless and often disrespectful, and often need to grow a brain and some sensitivity. I ask very little of people and anything I seek is usually very minor; I admit then, that I am sometimes galled when it is refused (mental reaction: “I’d totally do it for you no problem, anytime!”). Lastly, I always, always make the best with what I have.

My Desired Objective
Feels hopeless and depressed and looking for some relief. Wants to feel safe physically and emotionally and a chance to recover from the depression that he feels.

Not depressed. Just need the relief of knowing what’s to come in my near future at work. Rest is true.

My Actual Problem
Fears he will be held back from achieving things he really wants, leading him to search endlessly for satisfaction and become involved in activities which are pointless.

Same deal–all true. What I want to achieve is the start of a career I love, and I’m afraid of being held back, yes.

My Actual Problem #2
Feeling held back and restricted from moving forward, looking for a solution that will give him more freedom and less obstacles.

In closing, I only feel this way by not knowing what’s to happen at work. With more experience, I’m told I may be able to work anywhere–a great freedom.

Well, how creepily accurate was that? I guess you can only take my word on it: whether in-depth or glossed-over in detail, it is very spot on.

  1. Well, it certainly sounds like you had another great weekend, although there were some events you missed. Alas! Sorry to hear about that, but maybe you’ll be around next year to witness the mating season?

    As for that, all I can suggest is to think positive about your future. I know how great a person you are, very talented and hard working, and I want to say you’ll have a job with Target no problem, but you can never be sure. Still, I think you’ll find a great career whatever happens, though I definitely hope it can be at Target, where you’ve already formed some great relationships, and have great friends in the city. 🙂

    As for the colour quiz – for me, some was accurate, some was a little too cryptic/not quite on the mark, but still very interesting to think about overall. What you said about your results makes sense, and it was nice to have a little more insight to your personality and outgoing expectations. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    And 9 sleeps!

  2. I do hope so. It seems like too unique an experience to pass up. Indeed, the capelin did come in this weekend (a coworker told me). If only I coulda waited!

    I have good vibes, but I’m not even trying to think about it…lots to do at work, but today was excellent also because of the teamwork we had going. It felt good for everyone to contribute so positively and competently to a single thing.

    The friends in this city aren’t a substitute, they’re just more friends. 🙂 So excited to see ya–less than 2 weeks away!!

    Glad to share, just hope it wasn’t too weird haha. Those test results are blunt, eh!

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