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What the? Surely I’m not that interesting!

In internship, Uncategorized on August 19, 2009 at 1:13 am

Sorry, just a short post to acknowledge a few things and show you guys something from my blog stats…

I usually get 5-10 unique views per day. My highest visitor count was 120 something, nearer to when the blog was fairly new. It was around the time I related the disastrous roommate thing.

Days back, I was astounded to find this:

alalesto! blog stats

alalesto! blog stats

Looking at what was clicked, it seemed my Lantern Festival pictures were each being rabidly viewed by many people. Well…it’s good to know people think they’re as cool as I did! A consequence of the spike is that it really warps the typical visitor count that falls back into place after that day due to the hugely expanded scale.

Anyway, just wanted to say I’m a little backlogged with entries. What’s upcoming that still needs to be written–and these things take time and care and lots of love (especially if there’s any photos to go through and upload)–is sending off Philipp, the last of the Germans; a trip with friends to Salmonier Nature Park and Cape St. Mary’s Ecological Reserve (the last was ridiculously amazing!); and of course, my friend’s visit to St. John’s! The last will have to be several entries, because we did a lot in the city, out of the city, and flew to St. Pierre, if you recall.

My gosh, too much goes on here…

Stay tuned!

In other exciting news…it happened like the day the dinner at Hungry Fishermen took place (I just forgot to mention it), but myself and the company that day sat down to discuss my future.

The long and short of it? I’ve been extended to Christmas! And then we’ll speak again…but still! I’ve been extended to Christmas!

And–I shall be visiting Calgary in mid-September to attend a friend’s wedding and visit friends and family! Yes indeed.